BLACK COFFEE IN THE MORNIN’ At this kitchen table, baby That we used to share Shattered bits of porcelain Are lyin’ everywhere There’s an achin’ in my shoulder, baby A weakness in my grip But still I raise this broken cup And take another sip CHORUS: BLACK COFFEE IN THE MORNIN’ No sugar in that bowl BLACK COFFEE IN THE MORNIN’ Leaves a bitter taste In the back of my soulI’m starin’ at these keys, baby You threw at me in rage One key starts the mercury The other fits this cage But there’s one key still missin’, baby One we never found Lost between that first kiss And the last breakin’ sound CHORUS BRIDGE: Well when you’ve got no sense of direction It’s so easy to lose your way But there’s no time for regrettin’ ‘Cause all we got, all we got is today But they don’t make soap strong enoughTo clean the mess I’ve made And there’s too much room in that old bed Where you and I once laid You left behind your jacket, baby It’s hangin’ from a nail And you left here with all the signs Of a prisoner jumpin’ bail CHORUS © 1995 R.X. Bertoldi