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Bertoldi’s latest single finds him reflecting on America’s recent political and social landscape. He shouts out kudos to “those heroes” who demonstrate “real courage and strength”, as opposed to “some politicians” who will do any and everything possible to “hold on to their power”. The tune’s steady groove is powered by Bertoldi’s own Covid-bound/home-recorded acoustic guitar, bare bones drumming, vocals and percussion, all greatly boosted by acclaimed virtuoso Keith Lowe’s equally driving bass lines. Bertoldi’s sparse backing vocals also add some tension to this dynamic sound sketch of the U.S.A.'s current socio-political scene. The singer underscores that “it’s time to pull the plug” on the real life “Charlatan & Puppet Show”. The song itself is a catchy groove that throws a harsh light on the divisive politics of recent years--one that celebrates the departure of such so called "leaders" from office.

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