Bob's latest single, "Charlatan & Puppet Show " is a driving acoustic groove that throws a harsh light on the divisive American politics of recent years, and one that celebrates the departure of some so called "leaders" from office.

To hear a sample, click the puppet strings below. To purchase and download the entire song, click here. 

Charlatan & Puppet Show jacket




R.X. Bertoldi's song "Something Good" awarded First Place for Folk / Acoustic Category in the 2019 Great American Song Contest. His song "Small Sacrifices" was a Finalist in the same category. Click image to see Great American Song Contest site:


R.X. Bertoldi & Son(s) release first family band recording: Their cover of R&B/soul classic  "Stand By Me" –  With Dominic on bass & Luca on drums & percussion!  Available at i-Tunes and CDBaby + Amazon: –  click image to listen



R.X. Bertoldi's latest album, "Tracks in Perspective"  available at  i-Tunes, AmazonCDBaby & Spotify!
















Chipper as ever after family vacation and hiking Potato Chip Rock via Mt. Woodson Trail near San Diego!  Click Photo to hear R.X.'s blues song "I'll Carry On" from his new LP "Tracks in Perspective":



Click photo To Preview & Pre-Order New Album "Tracks in Perspective" at i-Tunes now: