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R.X. Bertoldi's first home-made studio album, recorded on 4-track cassette in a spare bedroom at his now deceased mother's home (RIP Mamma Agnese) and his studio apartment in Ballard, WA in the mid-1990s. His lead song on the CD, "Black Coffee in the Mornin'", wound up being played a few times weekly on satellite radio (SiriusXM's Coffeehouse program) over 15 years later--and for almost five years running--from late 2011-through 2016. Bob was floored when friends and family (who, unlike himself, actually had a SiriusXM radio subscription) told him they'd heard his song on the radio. After the initial and massive surprise, he was both grateful as well as stoked to know that others were hearing and digging his music! : - )

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